Upgrade Your Pre-made Library Sequencing (Sequencing Only) Projects with NovaSeqTM X Plus
Novogene is excited to enhance both our premade library lane sequencing and partial lane sequencing services on the state-of-the-art NovaSeq X Plus platform, now equipped with 10B and 25B flow cells. Our premade library sequencing offers you flexible options, whether you need full lane sequencing or prefer a data bucket on a shared lane.
Premade Library Lane Sequencing on NovaSeq X Plus
Experience unmatched performance and efficiency with our premade library sequencing on NovaSeq X Plus. Designed to deliver high throughput and high-quality results, Lane Sequencing on NovaSeq X Plus is the ideal choice for your sequencing needs.
Premade Library Partial Lane Sequencing on NovaSeq X Plus
Previously offered on NovaSeq 6000, our Partial Lane Sequencing service is now even more cost-effective with NovaSeq X Plus. This upgrade not only reduces costs but also provides enhanced scalability and flexibility for your projects.
Parameters of Premade Library Sequencing at Novogene 
Service Highlights
Take advantage of the lowest sequencing costs, on a per read/Gb basis, with a guaranteed Q30 score ≥ 85%.

Trusted Expertise:
Trust Novogene’s experienced team to guide you through every step of your sample processing, ensuring reliable and high-quality results.

Rapid Turnaround Time:
Take advantage of our fastest turnaround times, included at no extra cost, to benefit from quicker sample processing from QC to data release, helping you meet your project deadlines efficiently.

Flexible Project Options: 
Take control of your sequencing projects with our flexible options, including multiple lane/ data amount purchases, processing in two possible lab locations, compatibility across a diverse range of library types and customized sequencing parameters.
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