With Shallow Shotgun Metagenomic, you can achieve less-biased representation of microbial communities with enhanced taxonomic resolution while being more cost effective for your research.
Is Shallow Shotgun Metagenomic right for my studies?
Introducing Shallow Shotgun Metagenomic (SSMS), a new tool in our suite of microbial solutions, SSMS offers a cost-effective method of bridging the gap between 16S sequencing and deep metagenomic sequencing, with less than 2GB data. While deep shotgun metagenomic remains the gold standard for high-resolution microbiome analysis, SSMS is a powerful alternative to amplicon sequencing, providing species-level taxonomy with little to no PCR bias from amplification and is unrestricted by amplification region, offering taxonomy coverage across different taxa. Addressing the challenges of amplification for todays' microbiome studies and even providing comparative analysis.

Advantageous of SSMS:
1. More affordable than shotgun metagenomic, making it suitable for large-scale gut microbiome studies without strain level characterization.
2. Provides similar taxonomy information to deep shotgun metagenomic sequencing.
3. Less biased representation of microbial communities.
4. Higher taxonomy resolution than amplicon sequencing.




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Recent microbiome research
Uncover the alterations of the gut microbiota composition and microbial interplay using Shotgun Metagenomics Sequencing
Prof. Jun Yu and her team at The Chinese University of Hong Kong demonstrated that cigarette smoking could promote tumorigenesis by inducing gut microbiota dysbiosis that stimulates gut barrier dysfunction. This gut barrier dysfunction ultimately contributes to colorectal tumorigenesis by activating oncogenic and proinflammatory signalling pathways. Shotgun metagenomics sequencing, provided by Novogene, was used to discover the alterations of gut microbiota composition and microbial interplay (Yu. J, Wei H & et al).
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