Novogene is thrilled to announce exclusive discounts on Illumina's new NovaSeq X Plus 25B flow cell, now available across a diverse range of our NGS services. This limited-time offer presents a unique opportunity for you to accelerate your research with the latest advancements in genomic technology.

The NovaSeq X Plus 25B flow cell is designed to empower you with seamless access to comprehensive genome, transcriptome, and epigenome data for your projects! Its capabilities extend far beyond traditional sequencing, providing profound insights into the intricate mechanisms of gene expression regulation, disease-associated mutation, and more. 

By taking advantage of the high-throughputness of the 25B FC, along with lower sequencing costs, Novogene can help you dive into NGS projects, that were once impossible!
Price Information
Includes: Sample QC, Library Preparation, Sequencing (Illumina - PE150 - 90Gb), Data QC, and Raw Data (FASTQ files).
Includes: Sample QC, Library Preparation, Sequencing (Illumina - PE150 - 90Gb), Data QC, and Raw Data (FASTQ files).
Includes: Sample QC, Library Preparation, Sequencing (Illumina - PE150 - 6Gb), Data QC, and Raw Data (FASTQ files).
Comprehensive bioinformatics analysis solutions are also available upon request.
*Stay tuned for exclusive pricing updates on the NovaSeq X Plus 25B as we continue to release a diverse range of services, including 10x scRNA-Seq, lncRNA-Seq, WGBS, ChIP-Seq, and more.
*The discounted prices above are applicable during the pre-sale period only.
Why Choose NovaSeq X Plus 25B with Novogene?
Increased Data Output
The NovaSeq X Plus 25B flow cell delivers high-throughput sequencing like never before, up to a staggering 8TB of data per flow cell, providing a remarkable 2.5X increase from the 10B flow cell and an incredible 3X increase from the NovaSeq 6000 (S4) flow cell.

Take advantage of special rates on our NovaSeq X Plus 25B services, allowing you to maximize the value of your research budget without compromising on quality.

Trusted Expertise
Novogene brings a legacy of excellence in sequencing services. Trust our expertise to deliver precise and reliable results, empowering your research endeavors.

Rapid Turnaround Time
Don’t pay for faster turnaround time — Novogene offers the fastest turnaround time upfront, enabling you to expedite your project timelines, from QC to data release.
Terms and Conditions
  • Promotional offer is valid on quotes issued from January 11th, 2024 to March 31st, 2024. Purchase orders (PO) must be issued by April 30th, 2024. Sample acceptance will start on January 22nd, 2024.
  • Not valid with any other promotions.
  • For research use only. Exclusively for clients in North and South America.
  • Please contact us for more pricing details and make sure to provide the promotional code, 2024_PAG, to your sales representative when requesting a quote.
  • Promotion cannot be retroactively applied to any existing/past quotes or projects. Promotional offers cannot be applied to customized/expedited projects.
  • Novogene reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time.
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