Strand-specific mRNA-seq
Compared with regular mRNA sequencing (mRNA-seq), strand-specific or stranded or directional mRNA sequencing can retain the strand specificity of origin for each transcript. With Novogene’s stranded mRNA-seq for eukaryotes, it becomes possible to accurately quantify gene expression levels for overlapping genes that are transcribed from opposite strands. In addition, genome annotation and novel transcripts detection will become more precise.
The Novogene Advantage
More than 200,000 samples successfully sequenced at industry-leading turnaround time 
Unsurpassed data quality guarantee (Q30≥85%, consistent with Illumina’s benchmarks) 
Extraordinary NGS intelligent delivery system applied throughout the whole project
Service Specifications
·Price Overview
*For more details, please contact our dedicated Novogene representatives.
·Sample Requirement: As low as 400ng of total RNA per sample
·Library Type: Strand-specific mRNA library (poly-A enrichment method)
·Sequencing Strategy: PE150, NovaSeq 6000,  6Gb raw reads (20M read pairs) /sample
·Turnaround Time: As low as 13 business days after verification of sample quality
Terms & Conditions
  • Valid on quotes issued from Jan 26th to Feb 28th, with POs arrived at Novogene by Feb 28th, 2022.
  • Samples need to be sent to the Davis lab for Strand-specific eukaryotic mRNA-seq service.
  • Not valid with any other promotions.
For research use only. Exclusive for clients in North and South America. 
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