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Valerie TAN, Product Manager, Novogene AMEA
29 September 2022 | Metagenome

Shotgun metagenomic sequencing allows the study of complex uncultured microbiota by providing high-taxonomic resolution and functional gene profiling. Characterization of a microbiome is achieved by comprehensively sequencing DNA fragments from all the genomes present within the sample, including non-microbe species. Although the resulting data can be exhaustive and informative, its analysis may be computationally intensive due to its large and complicated nature. At Novogene, we understand these challenges, and our experienced bioinformatics team is dedicated to ensuring that your metagenomics bioinformatics analysis needs are well taken care of.

Here are 5 benefits for entrusting your analysis needs to us:
1. Host DNA Contamination Removal

In some microbiota, the metagenomes may contain unwanted host DNA contamination, which may even outnumber the microbial DNA present within the samples. Thus, it is imperative to remove these host DNA since metagenomic contaminants can misrepresent the microbiota during bioinformatics analysis. Host DNA removal during data processing is available as part of our analysis package.

2. Assembly-based Analysis and Gene Prediction

An assembly-based method can generate predicted gene abundance information by assembling clean reads into contigs. Predicted genes not only shed light on the coding sequences present within the metagenomic reads but also identify novel genes present within the sample. We provide our customers with “publication-ready” visualizations and plots as part of analysis output, showcasing the abundance of predicted genes and the identification of the shared and unique genes found.

3. Species-level Taxonomy Annotation and Analysis

A benefit of deep shotgun metagenomic sequencing is the ability to go into species-level taxonomy. Novogene provides various data-to-publication analysis and plots to showcase the different annotation results at different taxa.

4. Functional Gene Profiling and Metabolic Pathways

Insight into a community's physiology is observed when the collective functions encoded within the myriad of genomes within a microbiome are characterized. Through annotation with various databases such as KEGG, eggnog, and CAZy, functional gene profiles and metabolic pathway annotation are elucidated by Novogene.

5. Antibiotic Resistance Gene Characterization

Infections treatments are increasingly compromised due to bacteria's ability to develop antibiotic resistance through mutations or the acquisition of resistance genes. The propagation and prevalence of antibiotic resistance have not only been aggravated by the increasing incidence of multidrug resistance within clinical pathogens; but had extended beyond medical settings within the environment. Much research has shown that horizontal gene transfer had played a crucial role in the adaptation to antibiotic stress for many bacteria.

That is why at Novogene, we offer the identification and characterization of antibiotic-resistance genes facilitated through the Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARDB) Database as part of our analysis package. Furthermore, we categorize the resistance profiles and sequence similarity during the annotation process, to generate insights such as resistance mechanisms.
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