Supercharge your RNA sequencing data analysis with NovoMagic

Are you looking to customize your RNA sequencing data to your specifications? Supercharge your data analysis with NovoMagic, a free cloud-based platform specially designed and developed by Novogene for our customers.

Through re-analysis functions, NovoMagic enables you to rename your samples, re-analyze gene expression, adjust the parameters of differentially expressed genes, and perform gene function analysis. It features 17 toolkits to help you easily customize your RNA sequencing data for publishing in just a few clicks.

Features of NovoMagic:

  • Free-to-use for all customers. 
  • Fully integrated with our Customer service system(CSS), for streamlined data management and analysis workflow.
  • 17 toolkits for customized data analysis (E.g,Venn diagram, Volcano plot, GO/KEGG enrichment and more).
  • “Data-to-publication ready” figures within a few clicks.
  • Cited in >150 publications (as of Feb 2023).

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Functions and toolkits of NovoMagic:
Re-analysis of existing projects* Customized analysis results
Rename sample Rename sample name 1. Merge tables
2. Table split
3. Table filtering
4. Convert readcount to FPKM/TPM
5. Correlation analysis
6. Volcano plot
7. PCA
8. Clustering
9. Box plot
10. Adjust parameters for DEG
11. Venn diagram
12. Flower plot
13. Heatmap
14. Violin plot
15. GO enrichment
16. KEGG enrichment
17. Bar plot
Gene filtering - Filter genes by keywords e.g. KEGG_ID
- Filter genes by gene information e.g. gene_ID
Gene expression analysis - Sample correlation
- Venn diagram
DEG analysis - DEG identification
- DEG clustering (heatmap)
- DEG venn diagram
Gene function analysis - GO enrichment
- KEGG enrichment
- DO enrichment (human & mouse)
- Reactome pathway enrichment (human & mouse)
- DisGeNET enrichment (human & mouse)
Data QC, Mapping, SNP/InDel analysis, Novel gene prediction, Fusion gene analysis, and PPI analysis are currently not available on NovoMagic.
*Note: Currently supports human mRNA sequencing and plant and animal mRNA sequencing (with reference) projects for samples received after June 20, 2022.
Introducing NovoMagic – Novogene’s Online RNA-seq Bioinformatics Analysis Tool

In this webinar, we will discuss how to navigate NovoMagic’s functionalities and provide tips and tricks for its successful application. Watch now.

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