NovoMagic is an after-sales analysis cloud platform independently developed by Novogene. Currently, NovoMagic can help our client to re-analyze and customize the Novogene analysis results totally for free.
Person Benefited
Novogene clients who have CSS account and have projects with samples/data arrived at Novogene after June 20, 2022. The platform functions for those projects after whose bioinformatics analysis are finished. 
Products Included
"Human mRNA-seq" projects and "Plant and Animal Eukaryotic mRNA-seq with reference" projects. In the future, Novogene will gradually launch other products on NovoMagic.
Analysis Contents Included
NovoMagic can support you to select specific group of genes, analyze gene expression, identify differentially expressed genes and perform gene function analysis. Overall, 17 small tool kits are offered In the Toolkit item. 

In the future, Novogene will gradually launch more toolkits on NovoMagic.
GO Plot: Gene Ontology enrichment based on the customized parameters

Venn Diagram: Plot Venn diagram based on gene ID list or gene expression quantity table

Volcano Plot: Make Volcano plot based on customized threshold

And more...
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Operation Method
We have quick start manual, user guide videos and result interpretation videos to help you get hands on and understand the results easily and quickly. Besides, feedbacks and contact us can help whenever you encounter any problems and could even bring you farther than the present services.
NovoMagic, makes the after-sales project analysis faster and more convenient!

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